Youth, Parent and Community Resources

The Chippewa Valley Coalition Teen Councils at Chippewa and Dakota High Schools recommend the following websites for teens; surf away for some great information…


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Information on Alcohol

Parents of Elementary and Middle Schoolers

SAMHSA – “Talk. They Hear You.”  - Campaign Underage Drinking Prevention Resources. How to talk to your teen about underage drinking.    

Parents of Middle and High Schoolers

Stop Alcohol Abuse - Resources on preventing underage drinking including prevention videos, and reports.

Information on Marijuana

Parents of Middle and High Schoolers

Marijuana Abuse - Information and research about Marijuana including Statistics and Trends, Education Videos, Facts for Parents and Teens.

Marijuana's Effects on Health - Information on Marijuana include the effects on health, signs of use, addictiveness, and what you can do as a parent. Additional Resources are offered as well.

Information on Tobacco

Parents of children all ages

Dangers of Secondhand Smoke - Information on the dangers of secondhand smoke, the effects on a child, prevention and how to quit.

Youth Tobacco Use - Information on prevention, statistics, contributing factors, and how to reduce youth use.

Information on Vaping

Parents of Middle and High Schoolers

E-Cigarettes - Learn about Vaping, what it is, health risks, and how to talk to your teen.

Teen Vaping - Information on Teen vaping, and what you as a parent can do.

Information about Substance Abuse

Parents of children all ages

Drug Guide - A guide for signs to look for, for a variety of substance including alcohol, marijuana, prescriptions, and vaping etc.. Next steps are included if you suspect your child is using.

Parents of Middle and High Schoolers

Get Help and Support - Is your Child using? treatment and recovery, finding support, keeping yourself and family healthy, and how to talk to your teen and E-books and Guides.

Information about Prevention

Parents of children all ages

Talk with Your Teen - Learn how to talk to your teen with these 5 tips to keep your son or daughter safe.

Parents of Elementary school children

Substance Abuse Prevention - A research-based guide of substance abuse prevention in early childhood.

Information on General Parenting

Parents of Middle and High schoolers

Teen Years - Information on Risk Factors, Development, Drug use and how to talk to your teen.

Parents of children all ages

Ages and Stages of Development - Information on the different ages and stages of development. Articles for talking with teens, and useful information on a variety of topics.

Common Sense Media - Reviews of popular movies, books, websites, television shows, and video games based on age and a 1-5 star rating including advice for parents and educators.

Parent-Child Relationship Building - An online resource for strengthening relationship through shared activities, topics to help prepare parents for future discussions with children/teens, and understanding of ages and stages. 

CARE of Southeastern Michigan
Community Assessment Referral & Education
586/541-CARE (2273)

Family Youth Interventions (FYI)
Homeless Youth Program and Services

Macomb County Crisis Center
Available 24/7                                                                                       

Macomb County Health Department Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Macomb County Community Mental Health Office of Substance Abuse

Macomb Family Services

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Turning Point
Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Services
Crisis Line:  586-463-6990