Press Conference Announcement April 24, 2019 9:30-10AM

Parents, School, and Community Together – Keeping Our Youth Safe and Alcohol Free!

The Coalition, in collaboration with the Clinton Township Police and CARE of Southeastern Michigan, is conducting the Alcohol/Tobacco Retailer’s Project. Four Teams of our youth members and Clinton Township Police officers will visit alcohol/tobacco retailers in Clinton Township to remind them not to sell to underage youth.

Invitation to Attend

You are invited to attend a Press Conference (that precedes the visits to retailers).
Clinton Township Police Department Offices
Conference Room
37985 South Groesbeck Hwy
Charter Twp. of Clinton, MI 48036
Clinton Township Police Map

We are coming together before high school prom and graduation to raise community awareness of the dangers – developmental, physical safety (car crashes, sexual assault), and academic - of teen alcohol use.

Press Conference Agenda

Please let Barbara Towner know if you would like to attend.


Survey data (Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth Survey, 2018) indicates that alcohol remains the primary drug of choice for high school students and that high school students find it easy to access. Much research supports the dangers of teen alcohol use, including the greater likelihood of addiction (National Institute on Drug Abuse). The CDC reports that high school students drive intoxicated about 2.4 million times each month, and underage drivers are 17% more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash with alcohol in their system.