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The Coalition dates to 1994 with the formation of a Steering Committee for the Safe and Drug Free Schools Grant, a small non-competitive grant awarded to school districts by the state. The Steering Committee evolved over time into the Chippewa Valley Zero Tolerance Coalition, with the creation of partnerships with community agencies and the implementation of a Student Assistance Program (drug prevention/intervention in Chippewa Valley Schools). The CV Zero Tolerance Coalition grew significantly over the years in terms of membership, committee structure, and programming, becoming the Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth in 2007. The Coalition was first awarded the 5-year Drug Free Communities Grant in 2009 and awarded the grant again in 2014, the maximum DFC award possible.

The following activities, services, initiatives, and campaigns are provided by the Coalition in collaboration with Chippewa Valley Schools and in partnership with many community agencies and organizations.

About Us

Coalition Teen Councils (CTCs)
Chippewa Valley and Dakota High School student leaders that comprise the youth membership of the Coalition; Meet monthly, provide the youth “voice” to the Coalition, organize, and conduct various drug prevention activities in their schools, in district elementary and middle schools, and in the community. Membership is currently 157 students (total)

Interfaith/Chippewa Valley Schools Partnership
Joins the Coalition with 20 local churches.
Network to disseminate drug prevention and parenting information to parents and community.
Community Partners: Local churches

Coalition Committees
The Coalition has three active committees and two task groups, that include membership from our community partners. These groups organize and deliver programming and create and help implement broad-based strategies that benefit our students, parents, and community.

Creation of Research-Based Prevention Lessons for School Instruction and Community Use

(Reviewed and approved as compatible with the Michigan Health Model by the Macomb Intermediate School District and disseminated by the MISD to School Health Coordinators across the state for use in Health classes) 


  • The Facts About Marijuana: Information for Teens (Two Classroom Sessions for High School)
    PowerPoint with embedded videos, Instructor Notes, Supplementary Activities, and Bibliography on the Coalition website
  • Clearing the Smoke for Middle School Students: The Truth About Marijuana (One Classroom Session) 
    PowerPoint with embedded videos, Instructor Notes, Supplementary Activities, and Bibliography


  • Vaping – Make Your Own Decision (One Classroom Sessions for Middle and High School)
    PowerPoint with embedded videos, Instructor Notes, and Bibliography on the Coalition website

Opioid Misuse

  • Chasing the Dragon-The Life of an Opiate Addict (FBI & DEA film adapted with permission for High School)
    14-minute film with Instructor Notes on the Coalition website

Designing and Implementing Campaigns to Prevent/Reduce Youth Use

  • Mobilizing Michigan…Protecting Our Kids from Marijuana Campaign (in collaboration with Macomb County Community Mental Health) Free Tool Kit on the Coalition Website
    Youth-Focused PowerPoints Noted Previously
    PSAs on the Dangers of Marijuana Use by Youth (English and Spanish version)
    Fact Sheets & Postcard Mailers handouts for parents
    Posts & Tweets
    Educating Your U.S. and State Legislators

  • Life of an Athlete 
    Prevention program created by the Coalition in collaboration with the school district’s Athletic Depts (includes PowerPoint with voiceover and on-line assessment tool) for middle and high school athletes, parents, coaches, and community that educates on the performance effects of alcohol, marijuana, other drugs and prescription drug abuse, the effects of sleep and nutrition, training, mental health, and the Athletic Code of Conduct. On the Chippewa Valley Schools Life of an Athlete website

  • Alcohol Awareness Month
    Annual (April) prevention campaign including parenting materials to raise awareness of youth, parents, and community about the dangers of underage drinking.

  • Substance Abuse/Red Ribbon Month Campaign
    Annual (October) drug awareness/prevention activities at district elementary and middle schools, involving parents, and in the community.

Educating Parents on the Issues

Creation and Dissemination of Prevention Education and Parenting Materials

Print and video materials that provide research-based information related to youth alcohol, vaping, and marijuana use and related issues for dissemination to parents, youth, school staff, and the broader community.
Video materials created by Chippewa Valley School’s Cable Coordinator and disseminated by the district’s Community Relations Department and local video cable access.
Translation of print and video materials into Spanish, Arabic, and Albanian

Dialogue Nights/Family Nights Out

Events to promote parent-teen communication through structured dialogue facilitated by members of the Chippewa Valley and Dakota High School Coalition Teen Councils and organized by district Student Assistance staff.

Transition Nights
Creation of programs for students transitioning from middle to high school and their parents

Reducing Youth Access to Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol/Tobacco Retailers Project (Recognized as a “Model Program” by the Prevention Network in 2017)
Members of Chippewa Valley and Dakota High Schools Coalition Teen Councils and police visit local alcohol and tobacco retailers to educate on the legal consequences of selling alcohol to minors
Community Partners: Clinton Township Police, Macomb County Sheriff’s Department, and CARE

Prescription Drug “Take Back” Events
Community “take back” days (3 annually) that promote the safe disposal of expired or unused prescription drugs and raise awareness about the dangers of youth prescription drug abuse organized by the Coalition’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Committee
Community Partners: Clinton Township Police Department, Macomb County Sheriff Department, Clinton Township Senior Center

Community Education

Broad dissemination of Prevention Information
Prevention materials related to youth use disseminated to local churches, libraries, police departments, and private schools. 

Large-Scale Conferences and Workshops
Most recent (12/1/23) webinar, Marijuana in Michigan – Our Youth and Our Communities, co-sponsored with the Macomb Intermediate School District, had 340 registrants from across the state.

Conducting Events to Raise Awareness and Support Youth 

  • Be Aware 5k for Youth Suicide Prevention 
    Annual event to raise awareness about teen suicide and raise funds for prevention programming. Over 250 attendees at the 2023 event.

  • Girls Making Awesome Decisions
    Empowerment event for girls in grades 4-8 and their parents with sessions conducted by Coalition Teen Council members. 180 parents and girls at the 2023 event.

  • Focus on Youth Forums
    Brings together high school students in structured dialogue with key community and school leaders to provide youth perspectives on the issues that affect them.

Organizing Prevention Programming in the School District

  • SMART Moves 
    Coalition-sponsored 9-session drug prevention program for 5th graders in district Clinton Township schools Community Partners: Clinton Twp. Police, Oakland University Nursing Program and CARE

  • Adolescent Out-Reach Program
    In-school drug prevention education, intervention, and referral services for students at Mohegan High School, Chippewa Valley High School, Dakota High School Ninth Grade Centers.
    Community Partners: Macomb Family Services and the Macomb County Office of Substance Abuse

  • Prime for Life
    Group services for students in for emotional issues and life struggles at Chippewa Valley High School and Dakota High School Main Buildings

  • Project Alert
    Research-based and federally approved 11 session drug prevention programs for 7th graders with 3 “booster” sessions at 8th grade at Algonquin Middle School.

  • Transition Programming 
    Provide information to district 8th graders and their parents to support positive transitioning to high school.

Supporting Policies That Protect Our Youth

Advocacy at the Local, State, and Federal Levels
Working with other groups and organizations to promote change in or creation of public policy that promotes safe, healthy, and drug-free youth and supports families.

Consultant to Other Community Coalitions

Provision of information to other coalitions on building a coalition, implementing programming, and advocacy

Social Media

Coalition Website:
Coalition Facebook and Twitter
Coalition YouTube Channel

For more information about the Coalition, please contact:

Charlene McGunn, Ph.D., Executive Director, 586-723-2360,
Barbara Towner, Coordinator, 586/723-2582,